About Us

Ferax Consulting

Ferax Consulting was established in 2017 as a consulting technical services provider. Our exceptionally qualified technical staff incorporates specialists in the fields of process, mechanical, electrical, and control process design giving designing solutions to packaged, skid-mounted hardware.

Our team includes world-class designers and engineers who perform advanced modeling and detailed fabrication drawings suitable for the most complex, packaged equipment and modularized assemblies.

With our consultancy services you feel yourself more confident in making right decisions and ensuring cost-efficiency, opportuneness and sustainable solutions.

Ferax Consulting is your guide and reliable partner in the field of technical consulting services.

Trust us and we will guarantee you the best outcomes!!!

Our location

Flat/Shop 91, Building 205, Road 2803,
Block 428, Al Seef,
Manama, Bahrain

Call us on:

Mobile: +966 59 2870001 (KSA)
Mobile: +973 38 764181 (BAH)
Skype: seymur.rafiyev